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Wily Castle - Stage 2 (Mega Man 10)

Download Wily Castle - Stage 2 (Mega Man 10)


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  1. Sep 03,  · Wily Castle 2. The second stage is an area with conveyor belts, spikes, pits, ice blocks and crushing mechanisms. There is an extra life hidden in Dr. Wily's mark above the boss shutter. On Easy Mode, most pits are covered by floating platforms, and appear in the dropdown section after the battle with Octobulb. Item pickups are more generous and some stronger enemies on harder In-game Appearances: Mega Man
  2. MegaMan 10 Walkthrough Wily Stage 2 If you want those weapon-ups get them but don't kill yourself. Take out the Garinkou as you move against the treadmill. Furaibons can be a pain.
  3. Mar 27,  · You'll begin the first stage of Dr. Wily's castle outside of the actual structure. the designers of Mega Man 10 thought it would be a lot more fun .
  4. The Weapons Archive (ウェポンアーカイブ, Wepon Ākaibu, "Weapon Archive") is the boss of the first Wily Castle stage from Mega Man It is a room with Special Weapon data of Robot Masters from previous games, and contains three blocks that can fly and attack with the weapon of one Robot Master. There are three Weapons Archives in the stage, the first room containing data of Elec Man.
  5. Mar 27,  · Mega Man 10 Walkthrough. Welcome to the walkthrough section of our complete Mega Man 10 guide. Here, you will find all of the help you need in getting through Mega Man 10's many stages.
  6. 2 - wood man: triple blade and metal blade. again, both are cutting weapons And if Wood Man was weak to the Metal Blade in Mega Man 2, that would be relevant. But he's not. Then again, the Wheel Cutter was already done twice, and Solar Flare is parallel to the Pharaoh Shot, so 7 - slash man: chill spike and scorch wheel. slashman can't handle extreme temperatures. also, you get your revenge.
  7. Mega Man Mega Man X. Mega Man X. Mega Man X2. Mega Man X3. Mega Man X4. Mega Man Robot Masters. 1. Chill Man Dr. Wily’s Castle. 1a. Weapons Archive A Wily Machine No.
  8. But if you leave Wily's castle to get more screws and then re-enter the castle, you will go back to Stage 1. User Info: MetalSmasher86 MetalSmasher86 - 10 years ago 1 0.
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